At the end of yesterday’s post, I had you thinking of your natural, naked self in the same light as your favorite thing. Today, I give you a couple of suggestions on how to treat this treasured item…

Treat Yourself as You Want to Be Treated

Just as you treat your favorite item with care – you’re careful how you touch it; you wash it either by hand or in the delicate cycle.  You handle it as if it were precious.  Do the same with yourself.  When you shower, use a soft wash cloth, or spend an extra minute or two gently exfoliating.  Use a body wash scented with your favorite fragrance or, if you have sensitive skin, splurge as you can on soaps guaranteed NOT to irritate.  When you put lotion on, say three positive things about each body part you rub.  I like to tell my pieces “thank you” for doing what they do if I can’t think of a positive attribute at that time. For example, I struggle to find anything positive to say about how my thighs look, so instead, I tell them thank you for being strong and for carrying me through the day.

If you catch yourself saying or thinking something negative about how you look, follow it up with a “But, …” and then three positives.  Example, “Good grief, I look fat in these jeans.  BUT, this shirt looks wonderful on me, the color brings out the warmth in my complexion. My hair looks pretty good today as well.”    See how that works?

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!  Now tell that inner critic to sit down and shut-up!

Short and Sweet, For Today at Least

You’re still not convinced are you? Inner critic still whispering huh? No problem. Tomorrow’s post will give even more suggestions on how to love all of you, this time from the inside out. These are all practices I use to this day, practices that have had a major, positive impact on my health and body acceptance.

Sending love and light (and I’ll see you back tomorrow),