Satin Sheet Memoirs, Vol. 1 (Paperback)


A collection of mature erotic and sensual short pieces designed for the discerning reader.



A late super of fresh, ripe fruits and sweet wine awaits us.  We settle into deep comfortable cushions in front of the fire.

We discuss many things as we continue to relax.  Let the stress of the day finally leave us completely alone and able to focus more fully on one another.  I’m glad you’re here.

Finally, the hour grows late and it’s time for the real reason I invited you here.  I lead you into the bedchamber.  The king sized bed dominates the room.  An ornately hand-carved piece complete with canopy.  Draped in the lavishness of satins, pillows, and coverings fit for royalty.

Slipping between my satin sheets, you find a quiet place where your thoughts are now my desires.  Words whispered brush across your mind as my hands caress your skin.  Your body responds; a light mist of perspiration covers you, and your heart beats a bit faster.

Between my satin sheets I wait in anticipation of becoming your lover.  I’m anxious to fulfill your fantasies.  Nothing erotic or seductive is forbidden here.  A world of sexual indulgence awaits you, as you join me, between my satin sheets.


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