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The name, “Nowata” comes from the area of Oklahoma where most of my great, greats on my mom’s side of the family settled, raised their families and are now buried.  I chose the name in honor of the strong entrepreneurial nature of my mom’s people.  Granted, it was more a sign of the times that most of them had their own businesses or worked solely for themselves and their families on farms and such, but to know that so many of my ancestors in this country were able to work for themselves is a driving force behind my wanting to see this business grow to sustain me and my family for years to come.

At this time we are primarily a virtual company in that most of our operations are conducted via the internet.  Surest way to contact us with questions, concerns, comments, and such is by email: Our “office hours” are Monday through Friday, 7pm to 9pm, EST; Saturday 11am to 6pm. We’re closed on Sundays.

For information on our few in person events, workshops, courses and such, you’ll want to join the mailing list – there’s one available for each of the divisions (For Readers, For Writers, For Life) so you can tailor the information you receive.  Events will be posted here on the website as well, but the newsletters are definitely the way to go as you get advance notices as well as any discounts that may be associated with the event.


Founder, Owner, CEO…etc.

Dana Ellington

Going back to school for another degree, especially during an economic downturn, middle-age, or a career slump, is hardly a novel idea. In fact, it’s so common it’s almost predictable. Returning to academia to be a well-paid novelist, however, is hardly routine. But that’s exactly what I did as the first step to establishing Nowata Press Publishing & Consulting, LLC.

With my new Master of Arts in Professional Writing, and several self-published books in the market place, the idea matured from being a well-paid novelist into the 2010 launch of Nowata Press Writer’s Coaching. From putting words to page to cover designs to ISBN’s, my clients and I turned stories into books.

Along the way, my general lifestyle practices as a successful independent author and working publisher attracted attention. In fact, so much attention that in 2015 Nowata Press Writing’s Coaching grew into Nowata Press Publishing & Consulting, LLC.

Are you a reader?  Are you writing your best story? Are you growing into your best life? Are you still dreaming about making any of the three reality? Click on Readers, Writers, and/or Life to join the Nowata family.

Let’s share the journey.


The tree that resides as guardian over several of my ancestors' graves in Nowata, OK.The inspiration for my logo.

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