Finally, we’re here to wrap up this week’s post series on my newly adopted mantra, Live by My Faith, not my fear.

How I’m Handling the Truth

The truth of the matter is I’m never going to reach 100% of the goals I set if I keep letting my feelings (aka fear) get in the way. I will still have feelings sure, because I’m nowhere near having enough Vulcan blood in me to do away with them altogether. But now, with the mantra on repeat, I’ll feel what I feel, then circle back to basing my actions on my words and my words on my thoughts, which will be grounded in my beliefs.  The short way to say all of that? I’m living My FAITH, not my fear.


So…your turn. Seriously. Grab your copy of the questions from the first post, give yourself some time, and answer them as thoroughly as you can. Get down to your core beliefs, your personal truths. Then look at how you’re living. Do you live the majority of your life from a place of faith or fear? Once you’re done, come on back and share in the comments what you found

Next week, who knows what I’ll be writing about? I’ve got quite the list of topics to chose from. Tell you what, whatever I choose, you’re always invited to stop by for a read and a chat. I’ll be looking out for you, ‘kay? ‘Kay.

As always, sending love & light,