I am all over the map or so it feels. This is what happens when you rush headlong into something without really planning it out. Story of my life though, I tend to leap first and worry about the landing later (if ever).

I actually have four blogs now – three on WordPress.com and now this one here on my website (which is a WordPress.org deal). I’d been using this one as a spot for testimonials – it looks hideous. sigh. Then, to add to the technological drama, I thought I could let my paid for domains of my other three blogs go and still be able to blog like I usually do. Not so much. Oh, there was also the issue of having set up my GSuite account based on one of those paid-for domains. Guess what stopped working when I didn’t pay to renew that domain? You guessed it. Can you say “Hot Mess”? I knew you could.

Mid Year Goal Setting

In the midst of all of that, I’ve got my business play book laid out for the rest of the year. That means more consistent activity in building my community and marketing my products and services (ugh, I use “and” way too often). Which then means, more consistent blogging, e-blasting, video-ing, and social media posting. I have a lot going on.

Did I mention the goals? Yeah, so it’s July. Mid way through 2019 – where does the time go? My birthday was a couple days ago (as of this posting) which puts me in the mood do some reevaluation, soul exploration, and such. I do the same thing every new year’s eve.

Anyway, I dug out my Desire Map (Danielle LaPorte), my 2018 copy of Live Your Best Life, Business Edition (Lisa Jacobs), then bought the Power Sheets (Cultivate What Matters – Lara Casey), just in case my other two mega tools didn’t quite get it. – Yes, it’s a sickness, lol.

I gathered everything together, started a digital detox, and got to work. Man did I uncover some gems this time around. I’ll be filling you in as the rest of this year goes on, but suffice it to say, your girl’s got some MONDO, MEGA, AMAZING GOALS, she’s attempting to conquer between now and December 31st (when I’ll sit down and do this all over again).

First, let’s get the mantra out of the way: Live by Faith, not by Fear. More on that in a video, for right now, I’ll tell you it is changing my life by leading me out of my comfort zone with some zing. I. AM. LOVING. IT!

I’m going to need that zing because in order to achieve the following by December 31, 2019:

  • Pay off at least $5,000.00 worth of debt
  • Save at least $5,000.00 (real goal is $10,000.00 but I’m afraid to type it out for now) toward buying a house
  • Close on and move into my house (current apartment lease is up this fall and quite frankly, I am SO over renting and having the only things between me and my neighbors be some planks of wood, some drywall, and a tiny bit of insulation)
  • Lose 20% body fat

I’m going to have run screaming from my comfort zone. I’ve got to:

  • stop eating out for lunch dang near every day just because it soothes my job frustration, or because I just happen to have a few dollars in the bank, OR because I was too lazy to pack a lunch
  • move my body more: walk, dance, roller skate, put the $99 yoga / at home dance work out downloads to use; you get the idea
  • stop numbing out with social media scrolling for hours on end and instead do the work I have outlined in my Business Playbook, i.e. peddle my wares to actual people at real life events, via video, and some of those social media sites that I joined for the purpose of building my business
  • stop spending money mindlessly

You see where I’m going with all of that. No more sitting (hiding) on the couch. I’ve got to…

I’m going to stop for now as this post is already quite a bit longer than I expected it to be. I’ll be back with more on my goals and how the mantra fits in.

I do hope you’ll come back. I promise, it won’t be all about me for much longer; I’ll be wanting you to join in the conversation :-).

Sending love & light,