Hi, my name is Dana and I’m a plan-aholic.

Definitely don’t want to make light of addictions in general but do want to share a rather light-hearted post series about my “problem” with being addicted to planning (and planners…the fresh clean pages of a new planner just…oh, sorry). As I was saying, I LOVE to plan but find that my follow through can be a bit of a struggle. What follows is a series of posts on how I went from being strictly a “planner” to a “do-er”.

Side note

The same way my process to go from blank page to self-published turned into Simply Self-Publsihed, the process I describe here became Real Life Living, the premiere service in the The Next Chapter division of Nowata Press Publishing & Consulting. I’ll talk more about that at the end of the series. In the meantime…

I Just Can’t Resist.

Alright, so planning addiction. Per the Merriam Webster online dictionary, planning is “specifically – the establishment of goals, policies, and procedures…”  The steps you go through to “establish” goals:

  • the brainstorming,
  • the list making,
  • outlining
  • spending time digging through your psyche to find what your next big accomplishment needs to be and why…

All of that just sends my creative brain to it’s “happy place.”

If you’ve interacted with me on social media at all, you know how I get down when it comes to my process. I use the Desire Map by Danielle LaPorte. It’s “inside-out” approach where you identify how you want to feel first, THEN look at what tasks, activities, and such will generate those feelings. Those become your goals and to-dos. As far as processes go, this speaks to my soul. I tend to do things backwards anyway, the more unconventional approach, the better.  Desire Mapping brought clarity and authenticity to my goals. It helped me see where I was doing things for outside approval, figure out what activities and such brought me real joy or peace. Over all it brought me back to myself at a time when I was disconnected from my truth.  I go through the exercises twice a year to keep my desires at the forefront of my life.

Now, in addition to the Desire Map, I have the six-month, undated Power Sheets by Lara Casey. Best description I can give you is the one as it appears on the website:

In 2009, Lara—PowerSheets creator, best-selling author, and mom to three—wrote a blog post (“How to Make Things Happen”) in an attempt to answer the many emails she received asking, “how do you do it all?” The blog post received a flurry of responses, resonating with hundreds of people. It sparked a movement that Lara turned into the Making Things Happen Conference, where she led and continues to lead attendees through a series of questions and activities that help them determine what fires them up, and what truly matters to them.
Just a few years later, many of the same principles were compiled into the PowerSheets Intentional Goal Planner, a product that has sparked powerful and positive change in thousands of people.

Cultivate What Matters
Lara Casey

It’s a “discover your goals” process with a hint of a planner vibes. This is my first year using it so not much of a review just yet. I do like the tracking aspect of it but I’ll be sure to do a year-end review in December.

Signs of My ‘Addiction’

As for actual planners that I use, I have the Desire Map dated-daily, the Desire Map undated-weekly, a Bullet Journal (infinitely customizable notebook format), the Power Sheets (because I saw it on one my fav YouTuber’s channel, sigh…), and a Happy Planner Wellness Planner (it was on sale…don’t judge me, lol). I’ve also put together a not-quite-planner planner for my business that lists goals, tasks, and deadlines for the major business-related activities I want to do. Related to all of that, I have a host of colored pens, highlighters, washi tapes, sticker books, stencils, and such that I use to design spreads, color code to-do’s, highlight my goals…basically I am like a kid with a new coloring book and a new, 100 color pack of Crayola Crayons, you know, the one with the sharpner built into the back.

Here’s where the struggle comes in. Once I’ve filled each book with all the pretty colors and stickers and such, the next step is to DO the things. That’s where I was falling flat.

To Be Continued…