Hello Diva (Kindle)


Charise never thought she was “beautiful”, having grown-up with a father who believed good looks meant having “good hair”. An attribute he constantly reminded Charise she didn’t have. So of course, when her hair starts to fall out, she resigns herself to a life spent as a permanent “ugly duckling”. That is, until her best friend and hair stylist comes to the rescue with The Weave.

Finding herself with the long, straight hair she thought she’d always wanted changes Charise and not necessarily for the better. Read along as she finds out what happens when self-confidence and the idea of beauty is built on something so easily lost.

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“It’ll look fake.”

“Oh, and the wigs we’ve been pinning to your head don’t?”

“What?  You told me they looked fine!”

“And they did, trust me.  But this will look even better.”

“Everybody will know it’s not my hair.”

“And again, you think people really believed the wigs?  Look, I’ve been doing your hair since we were teenagers.  Have I ever steered you wrong?”

“No, but…”

“But nothing.  I really think you’ll like this better.  It’ll be more secure and you can stop walking around like you have a stiff neck.  Imagine the freedom to toss your head, maybe get in a hot tub, go swimming even.”

“I guess.  Geez, I never thought I’d stoop to wearing a weave.”

“I’m sorry, what do you mean ‘stoop’?”

“You know how badly women get talked about when they come strutting in to the room and their hair is hanging down to their butts.  Everyone knows it’s not natural.  And I told you how evil my dad was about this kind of thing.”

“Girl, in today’s day and age, that’s the whole idea.  No one knows what anyone’s real hair looks like anymore.  Pick up any CD cover, magazine, whatever and I promise you, just about every woman you see and a few of the men to be honest, are wearing extensions, weaves, whatever.  And we’re not talking about taking you from this short (a snap of her fingers for effect) to hair down to your butt.  I’m going to give you a collar-, maybe shoulder-length look with some natural waves, a little straight for effect, all in a color perfectly matched to your real hair, which by the way will be securely braided underneath.  We sew in the wefts for security and ta-daa!  Diva-licious.  ”

“Yvette, you are a mess.  But I love ya! Let’s do this before I change my mind.”

I was washed and conditioned to within an inch of my life.  Yvette wanted to make sure my natural hair would behave.  Next, a single braid was platted to my scull for the foundation of the weave.  With a manual dexterity I wouldn’t have believed otherwise, Yvette wound that single bread around my head, skipping over the bald and thin spots with ease.  Another dab of conditioner, then the sewing began.  The hooked needle was intimidating and a couple of times, as she pulled the threads through the braids, I worried that she was sewing the hair directly into my scalp.

Lastly, came the cutting and the styling.  I wasn’t allowed to look in the mirror and I anxiously waited for the last snip and curl.

“I’ve outdone myself.”

“Let me see.”

“Wait a minute, one more spritz…there.  Oh yeah girl, this is it.  You should have let me do this months ago.”

“Let me see!”

“Hold on, stray hair, let me clip it.  Stop moving!”

“Oh for the love of….will you let me look in the damn mirror!”

“Fine, fine.  Take a look.”

I turned the chair to face the mirror.  “Well hello Diva!”


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