Let There Be Life (Kindle)


Meet Lex Burns, a woman whose recent divorce forces her to finally ‘get a life.’ Join her on this funny, heartfelt journey as she discovers a life of self-fulfillment and true love!



Some folks believe that life begins when the sperm enters the egg and the cell starts to divide. Others argue that life starts a little later, say, once the fetus acquires a heartbeat. I think everyone can agree that once a baby enters the world, draws breath into its lungs, life has officially begun. Personally, I’ve learned that just breathing doesn’t necessarily mean that you have “a” life. If it did, then folks wouldn’t tell you to “get a life” or that “life starts at 40.” I’ve been breathing for a while now but can clearly mark off the different “lives” I’ve lived so far. And all of them are marked by some heartbreak or another.

But, this one is different. The one I’m living now, the one I call my real life. This one began with a death. The death of my marriage, that is. I’m sure my ex -husband would love to see me tried in a court of law for murder. To this day he believes I am solely responsible for our marriage’s demise. I guess he’s right. I stabbed it to death with four, simple words, “I want a divorce.”

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