Here’s the introductory post to my lengthy explanation of my mantra, Live by My Faith, not by my fear, first mentioned in this post right HERE.

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I was hoping you’d ask…

Let Me Explain

I’ve made mention of my newest mantra – “Live by My Faith, not by my fear,” (capitalization for personal emphasis) in a couple of posts now. Thought I’d pop in and give you a bit of an explanation as to what I mean when I say it and how it’s making a difference in my life so far.

File this under “Tools in my Real Life Living Tool Box” and part of the #PracticeWhatITeach.

But First, a Quiz

So, a couple of questions for you, wait, more like several questions. In fact, might be a good idea to grab a couple sheets of paper and a pen and jot these down. Once you’re done with the post series this week and you have a better understanding of how the mantra works, go back and answer the questions for yourself. See if you too could benefit from a mantra that helps you live your Faith, nor your fear.


  1. What do you believe to be true about –
    • Yourself
    • Your family
    • Humans in general
    • The way the world works
    • Money
    • Religion
    • Spirituality
    • etc. 
  2. What do you believe “in” – for example:
    • God
    • Aliens
    • Climate Change
    • Karma
    • Ghosts
    • Angels / demons
    • Etc.
  3. What proof do you have that supports your beliefs?
  4. What is it that most often stops you from doing something outside your comfort zone – for example:
    • Possibility of failure
    • Potential risk of losing money
    • People might laugh at / tease you
    • Someone might disapprove
    • You’ll draw too much attention to yourself
    • You may come across as being selfish or mean
    • It’ll make me cry and I HATE to cry
    • Etc.

Alright, going to stop here for this one. Come back tomorrow for the next part of my ‘mantra meanderings’. (yeah, that made little sense but I couldn’t think of another ‘m’ word that fit and I didn’t want to pass on the alliteration).

Meet you back here tomorrow. Sending love and light,