The Next Chapter


Whose beliefs, values, and expectations are you living? How do you feel when you first get up in the morning / when you lie down to sleep at night? If you’re in some discomfort with your day to day; if things don’t FEEL the way you’d like, then I’m betting the life you’re living is one based on outside influences. You’re doing what you “should” do, instead of what you truly DESIRE.

We all have responsibilities; those things we “have” to do in order to eat, live in doors; we do what we must in order to feel some semblance of safety, security, belonging, and acceptance. If what you’re doing to satisfy these basic needs feels as if you’re selling out, then you’ve come to the right place.

My name is Dana Ellington. I’m NOT a life coach but I do work with women who feel as if they’re not where they want to be even though they’re smart, have families, and jobs.  They numb themselves to this vague discomfort with negative self-talk, behaviors that hinder their progress, and lifestyles devoid of joy or passion.

If this sounds like you, let me introduce you to The Next Chapter and my signature program, “Real Life Living.”  It’s a non-traditional program in that:

  • It works within your current day to day lifestyle.
  • It fits within the average budget.

“Real Life Living” is a way by which my clients learn to articulate and authenticate their TRUE desires, and then figure out how to integrate healthy, budget conscious, and lifestyle friendly ways of obtaining them.  I strive to get my clients to a minimum of a 66% completion rate of the goals they set for the year, all in ways that fit easily into the ebb and flow of their REAL lives.

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Program Details

We meet once a week in a group setting so I may easily share that week’s concept, resources, and materials. There’ll be time for questions and answers as well as relaxing activities.  The group meet-ups are to provide an opportunity to share ideas and solutions.

There is a private coaching component as well because some things aren’t meant to be shared in a group. Our one-on-one sessions give you  a sacred space and time when we can talk and strategize privately.

And finally, as a course graduate, you’re invited to join the mastermind group where we continue to share resources, network, enjoy each others successes, and support each other through our lessons. 

Mid-Year Recalibration

New Year Preparation

A mid-year check in – are you on target with your resolutions; are you living your DESIRES? If not, then this is the program for you.

We’ll take 8 weeks, beginning in May, to get you set up to finish the rest of the year strong.

Best way to make the New Year, your BEST year to date is to start planning early.

Sessions begin in October and last 10 weeks. We go deep into what it is you TRULY want your year to be and how to really make it happen.

Turning the Page from Dream to Reality