The Next Chapter



Whose beliefs, values, and expectations are you living? How do you feel when you first get up in the morning / when you lie down to sleep at night? If you’re in some discomfort with your day to day; if things don’t FEEL the way you’d like, then I’m betting the life you’re living is one based on outside influences. You’re doing what you “should” do, instead of what you truly DESIRE. I think I can help.

The Next Chapter

Non-Traditional Life Coaching for a Non-Traditional Type of Woman

Years of self-help and I was still struggling to make even the simplest of programs ‘work’. In the early 2000’s I finally figured out why – I have never done things the way others said I “should”. I’m a leap first, worry about the landing later – type of person. I needed an outside the box way to turn my dreams into reality. Enter Danielle LaPorte and the Desire Map process.

“The Desire Map is a goal setting system that flips traditional goal setting. Instead of focusing on external
things and accomplishments like getting the house, making the big salary, or buying that
sports car you’ve always wanted, you FIRST identify how you want to feel
(Grounded, Affluent, Sexy)
and THEN determine what it will take for you to generate those feelings.
It’s a fresh take on goal setting that puts the internal before the external.”
This was the program I’d been waiting for. I became a Desire Map facilitator in 2018 and created The Next Chapter program – a goal setting, life living process that incorporates Desire fulfillment into every day living.
I am dedicated to sharing this amazing process with women, who like me, have always done things in unconventional types of ways.
Turning the Page from Dream to Reality