“My Birthday Suit Needs Some Alterations”

Think of yourself naked.  Or, if you’re somewhere you can do so and not be arrested, get naked and look at yourself in a mirror.  I imagine you’re like most women I know (and maybe a few of the guys); you cringed at the thought and absolutely refused to drop trou. All your (perceived) physical flaws reared their “ugly” heads. I bet that inner critic of yours immediately started whispering that you are too this or too that, don’t have enough of the one, or too much of the other to be seen without clothes. I bet it even started picking on you for how you look IN your clothes right now! The nerve of that bastard eh?

It’s time to kick some inner critic ass.  First, I want you to explain to the voice that Beauty is NOT:

  • The size of your clothes
  • The weight on the scale
  • How much you spent on those shoes, that handbag
  • The type of make-up you use
  • The level of “whiteness” in your smile, or your skin tone for that matter
  • The length, texture, or color of your hair.

“Liar, Liar, (whatever size) Pants on Fire!”

You know this by now I’m sure – there are a “butt” ton of lies being told about what “size” is ideal. You’ve been mislead into believing that beauty is based on what other’s SEE when they look at you.  I beg to differ, and will shout down that voice inside your head if necessary to make sure you both get this next point.  Real beauty can’t be bought, won’t fade, smudge, or decrease with time.  It doesn’t wear out or have to be re-applied.  It has wrinkles, callouses, stretch marks, scars and sometimes loses its hair.   It comes in all shapes, sizes, and exists in many forms.   It’s also FREE.

“Let’s Look at This From a Different Perspective”

Do you have a favorite piece of clothing? A sweater perhaps, or tee-shirt. A comfy pair of shoes.  People might tell you that item is “worn out”, that it shouldn’t be seen in public. But when you look at it, do you see the wrinkles, the faded colors; frayed hemline or small hole?  Nope. You see something of beauty. Each tear or rip is a reminder of good and not so good times, of adventures well taken, risks that were rewarded in victories of survival – lessons learned.  Looking at that favorite item, you don’t see it as anything but beautiful. You love it for all it’s done for you, for how it’s made you feel as you held it, wore it, used it.  Now, picture yourself naked again – no clothes, no make-up.  That body has taken you through some amazing, miraculous, crazy, hurtful times.  It’s going to take you through so many more.  That face? It’s shown joy, sadness, excitement, surprise. It’s earned every pimple, blemish, wrinkle you can see.   You are beautiful, the same as your favorite skirt, shirt, shoes, toy, etc.

I Know, You’re Still Not Convinced

That’s cool. This is just the first of three posts this week. I’ll have you thinking differently by the end, for sure, so stay tuned!

As always, sending love & light,